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How do I issue a direct debit authorisation?

Simply pay your tax bill by direct debit. In that case, we will automatically debit the amount on your tax bill from your bank account in up to 10 monthly instalments. You must first issue an authorisation for this purpose (if you have not already done so in previous years). The advantage of paying by direct debit is that you can pay your tax bill in several instalments.

Issue authorisation

You can issue a direct debit authorisation in My BsGW.

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You can also request an authorisation card by phone on 088-8420420.

You can also issue a direct debit authorisation later in the year. You can still pay by direct debit even after you have received a reminder. We will debit the outstanding amount in the remaining instalments.

We debit the instalments each month around the 25th of the month.

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