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How can I pay my assessment?

You have a number of options for paying your tax bill.

Direct debit

You can easily pay your tax bill by direct debit. In that case, we will automatically deduct the amount on your tax bill from your bank account in instalments. The advantage of paying by direct debit is that you can pay in several instalments. More information about paying by direct debit can be found here.

Internet banking or transfer card

You can also transfer the amount on your tax bill yourself. You may pay the amount in two instalments. The payment terms are stated on your tax bill. Please state the tax bill number as a description with your payment. You can also transfer the amount in one go.

The bank account number of BsGW is NL18INGB0002120407.


You can pay your assessment safely and easily online with iDEAL. You will find the option to pay your tax bill through iDEAL at My BsGW.

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Paying in cash

You cannot pay in cash at the BsGW office.

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