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When will you receive the tax assessment from BsGW?

When will you receive the tax assessment from BsGW?

In February we will send approximately 530.000 assessment notices with municipal and water board taxes delivered in Limburg. About 227.000 taxpayers no longer receive the BsGW tax assessment by post, but digitally in their personal Message Box from MijnOverheid. People who receive a digital assessment notice will no longer receive a paper assessment notice.

Is an increase in the WOZ value normal?

The assessment notice also contains the new WOZ assessment with the WOZ value of a house or building. It is of course nice that your house is worth more, but the strongly increased house prices are also reflected in higher WOZ values. For the WOZ decision of 2022, the market development of 2020 is used, the period between January 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021. When determining the WOZ value, BsGW looks, among other things, at the market value and sales prices of similar homes in the area. In view of the development in recent years, the increase in the WOZ value in 2022 is in line with the rising house prices of the previous year.

Do you disagree with the WOZ value? Call BsGW first

Do you think that the WOZ value of your home has been estimated too high? In that case, do not immediately object to the WOZ value, but first call BsGW 088-8420 420. BsGW appraisers are happy to explain and assess, free of charge, whether the WOZ value has been determined correctly. It is often no longer necessary to object. This saves a lot of time and costs.

If you do not agree with an imposed tax assessment, you can lodge an objection directly with the BsGW. You can easily submit an objection online via My BsGW. Make sure that you do this within the stipulated period of six weeks after the date of the tax return.



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