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BsGW sends a renewed assessment notice

Our assessment notice for municipal taxes and water board taxes has been renewed. Its appearance has changed. We have rewritten the lyrics. We have done this to make the assessment notice clearer and more convenient. That is why your tax bill will look different!

What is different from previous years?

The color and format of the information has changed.
On the front of the new ticket you will receive an overview of the following questions:

  • How much do I have to pay?
  • Before which date must the amount be at BsGW?
  • How can I pay the amount easily?

Additional information can be found on the back of the ticket. There you can read, for example, from which tax assessments the amount is made up. And in the explanation you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We explain this to you in plain language.


Click here for a model of the assessment notice.

This indicates what has changed in the assessment notice. Move the cursor over the information points. A text box with an explanation will then appear. This text is only in Dutch.

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